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Terry Bradshaw was the Quarterback for Pittsburgh Steelers from 1970 to 1983. Beginning at age 22 and retiring at age 35, Terry Bradshaw was a staple player for the Steelers, one of the team’s most iconic players. As number 12, Terry Bradshaw scored 192 points during his career.

During his first year as a Quarterback Terry Bradshaw scored 6 points, including one rush touchdown. His second year he scored 30 points and completed 5 rush touchdowns. His third year, 1972 was his career best. He scored a total of 42 points and completed 7 rush touchdowns.

Terry Bradshaw played 168 games during his career and started all but 10 of them. He only fumbled 84 balls during his entire career, losing a total of 95 yards. He also recovered 25 fumbles though never scored a touch down on a fumble return. He played in 19 playoff games. He started every playoff game he ever played. He averaged 12.1 completed passes per game during his career.

Terry Bradshaw rushed a total of 2257 yards during his career, scoring 32 touchdowns. He punted 8 times for a total of 225 yards. He punted 173 yards 1980 alone. He averaged 28.1 yards per punt. He played 3 pro bowls, in 1975, 1978 and 1979. Terry Bradshaw was sacked a total of 307 times during his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Terry Bradshaw was one of the Pittsburgh Steelers most iconic players. Serving as their starting Quarterback for 13 years, he led a long and exciting career full of many achievements and successful plays.

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