Terry Bradshaw Acting Roles

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While athletes eventually have to retire from playing their sport, that doesn’t mean that they simply want to have a traditional retirement. Because many of these individuals are such high achievers, they want to continue working after their athletic career comes to an end. One of the ways that many retired athletes attempt to do this is by acting. However, just because someone was a great athlete doesn’t mean that they’re going to be a good actor. More often than not, their acting careers simply don’t work out. But every once in a while, a retired athlete is able to do well on this path.

One example of someone who has been successful in landing multiple acting roles is Terry Bradshaw. Since 1978, Terry Bradshaw has had 16 different acting roles. One of the reasons that he has been successful in something that hasn’t worked out for so many other retired athletes is because of his extensive experience in front of the camera. For example, during the last decade, he has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 30 different times. This type of experience makes it easier for him to be more comfortable acting.

Quite a few of his acting roles have been on television shows. He has appeared on the shows Cubed, Las Vegas and Malcolm in the Middle. Between 1978 and 1981, he was in three different movies. They were Hopper, Stockers and The Cannonball Run. For younger fans of Terry Bradshaw, his most notable move acting role was in Failure to Launch. One of the funniest scenes in this movie was when his adult son came back home and saw Terry Bradshaw in his “naked room.”

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Terry Bradshaw Stats

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Terry Bradshaw was the Quarterback for Pittsburgh Steelers from 1970 to 1983. Beginning at age 22 and retiring at age 35, Terry Bradshaw was a staple player for the Steelers, one of the team’s most iconic players. As number 12, Terry Bradshaw scored 192 points during his career.

During his first year as a Quarterback Terry Bradshaw scored 6 points, including one rush touchdown. His second year he scored 30 points and completed 5 rush touchdowns. His third year, 1972 was his career best. He scored a total of 42 points and completed 7 rush touchdowns.

Terry Bradshaw played 168 games during his career and started all but 10 of them. He only fumbled 84 balls during his entire career, losing a total of 95 yards. He also recovered 25 fumbles though never scored a touch down on a fumble return. He played in 19 playoff games. He started every playoff game he ever played. He averaged 12.1 completed passes per game during his career.

Terry Bradshaw rushed a total of 2257 yards during his career, scoring 32 touchdowns. He punted 8 times for a total of 225 yards. He punted 173 yards 1980 alone. He averaged 28.1 yards per punt. He played 3 pro bowls, in 1975, 1978 and 1979. Terry Bradshaw was sacked a total of 307 times during his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Terry Bradshaw was one of the Pittsburgh Steelers most iconic players. Serving as their starting Quarterback for 13 years, he led a long and exciting career full of many achievements and successful plays.

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Terry Bradshaw

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Terry Bradshaw is one of our all time American football legends who played the NFL for so many years and to be the greatest of many players to come through the ranks that he was asked to be a part of the football hall of fame. There are only a few select people that get this privilege which is why Terry Bradshaw is famous to this day. There are many great football player in America however not all of them are still going strong in their other careers when they reach the age of 62 years old. Being such a legend in football it is no wonder that Terry took a career as an announcer for the football games of America.

Mr. Steel Arm was his nickname when he played quarter back for the Pittsburgh Steelers which he played a grand total of 14 seasons for. Over the 14 years that he was involved with the club he managed to not only do well in football but also in the administration and running of the clubs themselves. To know the game was a great feat but to know the clubs too was something like the jack of all trades from old. When he played quarterback in the 1970s he won an outstanding four Super Bowls as well as 8 other championships. It was the year 1989 that he was introduced into the pro football hall of fame. It was not only his leadership on and off the field which help Terry and the Pittsburgh Steelers but also his physical and mental strength.

Terry Bradshaw has been the idol and hero to many boys growing up as well as today after his record breaking run in the pro leagues. Mixed with his broadcasting career and his business developments Terry Bradshaw has set himself up for his future which will take him at least the next ten years before he is even out of the celebrity light. We all hope that Terry has some great advice on the football when he is announcing which we can use to better pick who will be the winning team at the super bowl next year.

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