Terry Bradshaw Acting Roles

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While athletes eventually have to retire from playing their sport, that doesn’t mean that they simply want to have a traditional retirement. Because many of these individuals are such high achievers, they want to continue working after their athletic career comes to an end. One of the ways that many retired athletes attempt to do this is by acting. However, just because someone was a great athlete doesn’t mean that they’re going to be a good actor. More often than not, their acting careers simply don’t work out. But every once in a while, a retired athlete is able to do well on this path.

One example of someone who has been successful in landing multiple acting roles is Terry Bradshaw. Since 1978, Terry Bradshaw has had 16 different acting roles. One of the reasons that he has been successful in something that hasn’t worked out for so many other retired athletes is because of his extensive experience in front of the camera. For example, during the last decade, he has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 30 different times. This type of experience makes it easier for him to be more comfortable acting.

Quite a few of his acting roles have been on television shows. He has appeared on the shows Cubed, Las Vegas and Malcolm in the Middle. Between 1978 and 1981, he was in three different movies. They were Hopper, Stockers and The Cannonball Run. For younger fans of Terry Bradshaw, his most notable move acting role was in Failure to Launch. One of the funniest scenes in this movie was when his adult son came back home and saw Terry Bradshaw in his “naked room.”

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